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Company Overview

The Calmer Co provides natural solutions to calm nerves, support mind and muscle relaxation and induce sleep.

Markets: USA, Australia, NZ, Fiji, China
Brands: Fiji Kava, Taki Mai, Danodan Hempworks
Products: Powders, Capsules, Teas, Dietary Shots

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Recent Highlights

  • E-commerce sales continue rapid growth to over $18,500/day
  • Sales via eCommerce channels grew at an average of 17% monthly over the full FY24 year with an aggregate annual growth rate of 540%.
  • Coles now stocks Taki Mai kava shots in 500 Coles supermarkets nationally. 
  • has launched Fiji Kava instant drinking kava
  • Inventory levels now exceed $1.5m after further investment in manufacturing and operations
  • Navua processing facility upgrade in progress
  • Leilo distribution deal has commenced via the resorts channel in Fijian islands
  • Metagenics to launch Kava Sleep made with Fiji Kava kavaton.

Our Value Proposition

Leveraging a global opportunity in natural products that aid relaxation, anxiety and sleep.

  • Diversified across brands, products and ingredients
  • Delivering strong sales growth
  • A true vertical supply chain from farm to shelf
  • Partnered with blue chip retailers and distributors
  • A medicinal product that works and is validated by science*
1000 + Kava Plants Grown
Proudly Supporting Local Fijian Farmers & Agriculture

The Calmer Co. Vision

The Calmer Co aims to create natural products that calm mind and body and deliver these products to a global market.

The next blockbuster functional beverage!

Drive exponential growth in ready to drink kava based products worldwide. 

It’s natural, it works, it tastes great, it’s low calorie, low sugar and it’s on trend.

Diversify our range with new products and ingredients

We are leveraging the global movement in calmness. We started in kava. We see further opportunity in CBD (hemp), ginger, curcumin, magnesium and more. Delivered as beverages, powders, shots, teas and gummies.

Low cost manufacturing feeding a global sales network

Growing and refining ingredients in our low cost base region of Fiji and distributing great products through our house of brands to the world as powders, syrups and oils.

Supply Chain Excellence at The Calmer Co.